2011 Alumni Weekend

The 2011 Annual Chico Rugby Alumni Weekend will be held on Saturday October 1st 2011.

Since the early 1900?s and throughout the many decades the sport of rugby has been played in the Chico community.  The community and University involvement with rugby have since woven itself a history of tradition and pride.  It is because of Chico’s proud rugby tradition that each year Chico Rugby Alumni hosts and celebrates its Rugby Alumni Weekend.  This event is a weekend of events focusing on the storied past of Chico Rugby Alumni.  It presents an opportunity for the community and university to display the sport that so many have enjoyed together.  Players of past teams reconnect and continue their ongoing relationships, all the while educating future alumnus.

Chico was reintroduced to the sport in the mid 1960’s as rugby was gaining in popularity on college campuses nationally.  As a club sport, athletes found the game challenging and exciting with a strong sense of tradition.  The current sport of rugby can identify its roots back to England some hundred years ago.  Rugby is not only known for its somewhat aggressive play, but also for its passionate commodore.  Commonly referred to as “The 3rd Half”, the hosting team invites the visitors to share in a social.  This is a light hearted affair where both teams let down their on-field personas and thank one another for the day’s challenge.  This is the bases of our Alumni weekend.

Please come be apart of the Chico Rugby Tradition and enjoy in sharing in Chico Rugby Alumni Weekend.

Thank you,

Chico Rugby Alumni


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We are hoping to get contact info for all former Chico State Rugby players to make  our Alumni Weekend a success every year!

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