About CRF

 Mission Statement:

“To promote and develop athletes, men, women, and youth for national and international amateur rugby competitions.”

The Chico Rugby Foundation is a community based organization located in the city of Chico, California.  This organization was formed to promote the continual growth of the sport of rugby within the Chico community.  The Foundation is committed to the development of local participation in the sport of rugby on and off the pitch. Rugby has long been an active part of the Chico Lifestyle with evidence of the game being played dating back into the early 1900’s. Rugby reemerged in the late 1960’s and can know be found on several levels across the community.  With a well established Men’s Club and Men’s and Women’s Sports Clubs at the local university, to a recent youth movement, there is rugby for all ages in Chico.

Rugby is one of America’s fastest growing sports and is widely popular worldwide.  As one of the world’s largest sporting events, the Rugby World Cup is held every four years in various locations around the globe.  The country of Japan will play host to the next RWC in the Fall of 2019.  Rugby also made it’s return to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janerio 2016.  With its recent reemergence and inclusion into the Olympic Games, the sport is poised to continue to grow and gain much more popularity in North America.

The Chico Rugby Foundation would like to request the support of our community; it is only through the efforts of the great people of Chico by which we all can succeed.  Please feel free to contact us.

For more information about rugby in America please visit the governing body’s website: USA Rugby

For more information on international rugby please visit the World Rugby website: World Rugby

CRF Contacts

Chico Men’s Rugby Club Mighty Oaks

Coach – Beau McSwain bmcswain@amgchico.com

Operation Manager – John Fox, foxman282@aol.com

Membership Manager – Jarrett Jansen, seabiscuit_rosarugby@yahoo.com

Treasurer – William Kendrick, wkendrick12@gmail.com

Collegiate Women’s Rugby 

Alex Triantafyllou – alex.j.t@sbcglobal.net

Mary Triantafyllou – m_riess@hotmail.com

Chico Oaks Youth Rugby

Mitch Jagoe – mjagoe12@gmail.com

(530) 521-5488

Chico Rugby Alumni

Paul Davis – rugbydavis@yahoo.com

Peter Galicz – petergalicz@yahoo.com

Mary Triantafyllou – m_riess@hotmail.com

501(c)3 Approval

2011 Alumni Weekend Balance Sheet