Chico State at Sac State – Saturday February 18, 2012

A Side – In a game that saw 6 lead changes and 2 ties, it was a break down in the Wildcat interior defense that gave the Hornets of Sac the final try and the victory. Our boys lost a touch hard fought game 32-27! One of the most fun college rugby games I’ve been a part of. The ref let the boys play, “I could’ve gave them 3 or 4 yellow cards and your boys one or two” but either way, the improvement that we saw yesterday on the field was tremendous! Leading the way on the day for the Wildcats was Captain, and prop, Karl Schmeigel’s hard work not only in the set pieces, but loose play as well. Karl has a motor that doesn’t stop! Also, Mickey Canterbury got his first League A side start and played a solid 40 minutes! Great job to you both! The forwards in general were out sized, but after playing AFA last week, that made Sac’s big forwards look human…!?!

Our backs where under constant pressure with the Sac team not committing anyone to the ruck that allowed the Hornet defense to get a step closer to our backs and pressured all day! RJ Kjome started his second game ever at flyhalf and did a great job filling in for our regular Mike Keane. Tough way to go, I know RJ would have preferred to had stayed at the outside center position he was scheduled to start at, but the Wildcats have implemented their own policy as to how they want to see their program run, and when there were 2 or 3 car loads of team mates that showed up more than 30 minutes late to the field the decision was made to sit the starters and move some boys around. The on field play was fantastic. I think we averaged 25 + turnovers last season and yesterday our count was +/- 15. Coming from a back (me, NOT A PROP like some of you think I should play) We scored 5 tries on the day ALL by the backs. Lead by injured OC Michael Deel’s (who had to step in on the wing to fill a gap created by moving Tyler Poland to OC for RJ) two tries and scrum half Ben Fisher’s solid play, it was a shame the day ended on the down side of the score!  Other Wildcat try scorers included, OC Tyler Poland (1), Ben Fisher (1) and ROOKIE inside center (you all know what that means?;0) JW Davis (1)

B Side game – you thought I wrote a lot above…!? WOW! I know there have been a lot of “killer B’s” in the past, but I think this group has made a NEW NAME for the “KILLER B’S”!!!!! One of the best team wins have had in a long time! Scoring was constant and fun to watch. Sac jumped out with some big kids and some FAST kids scoring first going up 5-0. Something clicked! FINAL SCORE 53-5 WILDCATS! Tries scored on the day rookie, flanker/8 man, Jimmy Burrows (2), OC Ryan Marples (2), rookie lock Brandon Johnson (1), a great 85 meter try by Marcus (Ming Ming) De Jesus (1), another rookie and cousin of the A side IC, Zack Davis (1), Captain and prop playing double duty in the B side, Mickey Canterbury (1) and finishing up the scoring is Flyhalf/IC Max Mills (1).

Thanks to all the alumni that came out to support the boys, it is always great seeing you guys. Much love!!!

The boys have a long way to go, but where they have come, says it all. Even with a split on the day, one win and one loss, we were still able to hold our heads high and break down with a loud and proud, “GREAT DAY TO BE A WILDCAT!!”

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