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2015 Chico Rugby Alumni Weekend

Save the date for the annual Chico Rugby Alumni weekend. This years date will be October 9 – 11 2015 and is less than 30 days away! Please take a moment to Signup for the 2015 Alumni weekend. Preregistration of $100.00 is good through September 30, 2015. After that registration will be $125.00.

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2013 Chico Rugby Alumni Weekend

Save the date for the annual Chico Rugby Alumni weekend. This years date will be October 4 – 6 2013 and is less than 30 days away! Please take a moment to Signup for the 2013 Alumni weekend.  Preregistration of $90.00 is good through September 30, 2013. After that registration will be $100.00.

If you are unable to attend in person this year, show your support by donating to the Chico Rugby Foundation and by forwarding this newsletter on to friends and family of Chico Rugby.

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Coach Jagoe Resigns as Head Coach of Chico State

Below is his open letter of resignation:

Alumni, friends and families, it is with mixed emotions that I am submitting my letter of resignation as the head coach of the Chico State Men’s rugby team.

As some of you may know, I was instrumental in starting the Chico Oaks Youth Rugby Club last year. With my oldest son being one of the newest members of the Alumni and my youngest son starting to get active in the sport, now is the time to change my area of focus! I actually had a suspicion Christmas Eve morning of 2011 that the 2012 season would be my last season as the head coach of the Chico State Men’s Rugby team. It wasn’t until late February, when I had only one day off since January 3, 2012, that I made my final decision to resign however. With the college playing on Saturdays and the youth teams playing on Sundays you can see how there wasn’t time for anything other than rugby! Running both programs takes way too much time away from my family and my “real job”! It is now that I must make the choice to step away from the college men’s program.

To those that I have had the pleasure of coaching, I thank you all for the great memories and life long friendships that we have formed in the past 8 years! Lord knows we have shared a lot: failures, successes, weddings, child births and other personal issues, etc. These times I will always cherish!

There is also a large group of alumni and parents/friends/room mates of players that I have had the pleasure of getting to know as they have attended alumni events or games watching their alma mater and kids or friends represent the Wildcats!! It is people like you that make a college “club” program successful! I look forward to seeing you all in the seasons to come, just on the “other side of the rope!”

At the end of each season the players are responsible to complete a coach evaluation. While the majority where positive (whether they were telling the truth or simply trying to get through it and didn’t read the questions accurately, we will never know), there was one comment over the years that I will never forget. One of the players wrote “Coach Jagoe cares as much about making us better MEN, as he does about making us good rugby players.” This is a statement that I am very proud of because it really is true. Life is MUCH bigger than the game.

I have met with the current player board members and they are aware of this situation and are making plans to move forward. They have taken some guidance from some “outsiders” to create a counseling board made up of 3 “community members” and 3 current players to seek out a coach to move the program forward. We have held off on my resignation to allow them time to get someone in place so hopefully there will be an announcement soon.

One thing we can ALL agree on is that rugby is a sport like no other!! The bond and trust that is created between players, coaches, alumni, fans etc. is one that does not come from any other sport that I am aware of. To be able to attain instant respect and honor for simply being associated with a sport is unheard of. To lose this respect or honor by breaking this bond or trust is truly sad!!

Always know that every choice you make either gives you power, or takes it away. So choose wisely!

I am looking forward to a new book on CSR rugby to begin! Also, I can’t wait to hear those words spoken in unison at the end of the day and what I hope to be MANY new victories,


See you on the pitch!

Mitch Jagoe

Wheels, Wine & Ribs – III

Wheels, Wine & Ribs III

In keeping with this month’s Upgraded Living theme of patios, picnics and bike rides, Dr. Anderson and I decided to dedicate our article to an upcoming fundraiser Wheels, Wine & Ribs. This is the third year we have hosted this event and NEW this year we are turning the event into a fundraiser for Chico Youth Rugby and the Chico Rugby Foundation.

Sports were a key part of my childhood. I believe that youth sports helped keep me out of trouble and I learned important lessons about teamwork and self-esteem. With budget cuts in our schools, Chico sports programs have been feeling the squeeze. Youth, middle school and high school rugby is filling that gap. Lately, thanks to the Chico Rugby Foundation and its members, the youth rugby movement has grown with great success. In addition to the Chico Mighty Oaks men’s team and the Chico State men’s and women’s teams, there are now Chico youth rugby teams for kids ages 8 to 18.

To support the growth of youth rugby in Chico, Chico Spine & Wellness (CS&W) along with the Chico Rugby Foundation is putting on a great fundraiser this summer. Join us on June 16th for Wheels, Wine & Ribs III. This family friendly event starts with a leisurely half hour bike ride to 5 Mile recreational area where appetizers will be served. We’ll bike back to CS&W to meet any non-biking attendees at 6 pm and enjoy a fabulous rib & wine dinner with dessert. The ribs are so tender they fall right off the bone!!

Adult tickets are $25 and can be purchased from any rugby player or at CS&W. Adult tickets are only available in advance. Kids meals can be purchased at the event for just $7 each. For more information go to Dr. Anderson and I will see you there!

2011 Alumni Weekend

The 2011 Annual Chico Rugby Alumni Weekend will be held on Saturday October 1st 2011.

Since the early 1900?s and throughout the many decades the sport of rugby has been played in the Chico community.  The community and University involvement with rugby have since woven itself a history of tradition and pride.  It is because of Chico’s proud rugby tradition that each year Chico Rugby Alumni hosts and celebrates its Rugby Alumni Weekend.  This event is a weekend of events focusing on the storied past of Chico Rugby Alumni.  It presents an opportunity for the community and university to display the sport that so many have enjoyed together.  Players of past teams reconnect and continue their ongoing relationships, all the while educating future alumnus.

Chico was reintroduced to the sport in the mid 1960’s as rugby was gaining in popularity on college campuses nationally.  As a club sport, athletes found the game challenging and exciting with a strong sense of tradition.  The current sport of rugby can identify its roots back to England some hundred years ago.  Rugby is not only known for its somewhat aggressive play, but also for its passionate commodore.  Commonly referred to as “The 3rd Half”, the hosting team invites the visitors to share in a social.  This is a light hearted affair where both teams let down their on-field personas and thank one another for the day’s challenge.  This is the bases of our Alumni weekend.

Please come be apart of the Chico Rugby Tradition and enjoy in sharing in Chico Rugby Alumni Weekend.

Thank you,

Chico Rugby Alumni


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