“Over the years our 1510995681_721364057976602_416446173345657482_n year old son Atticus has tried nearly every club, team and individual sport available to kids in the Northstate area. Chico Oaks Rugby is at the top. The combination of speed, strategy, teamwork, ballhandling and controlled physical contact appeal to him unlike any other sport. The sportsmanship and camaraderie that are a historic and essential element of the game are unmatched by any other team or club we have been involved with as parents over the years. Atticus has met some of his closest friends through rugby. As parents we appreciate the club traditional of giving back to the community and instilling upstanding values and life skills as it promotes competition and athleticism.
No sport is without risks, and Atticus suffered a fluke severe leg injury playing in 2015 when he was 14 years old. The support from the club and the other parents and players greatly helped him and us through the recovery and is testament to the quality of people involved in the club. He did fully recover and he is back on the pitch and more enthusiastic than ever before. We are very happy to be back on the sidelines with a great group of parents and coaches supporting him and Chico Oaks Youth Rugby.”
Jim and Mary Mikles


13048211_1125116380861526_7736579102001168900_o“When I was in seventh grade I went to the first ever Chico Oaks Youth Rugby Clinic. I immediately was hooked by the fast paced and team orientated nature of the game. I was lucky enough to play 5 seasons at both the high school and junior high levels and I got to see the Youth Rugby program grow into the awesome organization it is today. Through rugby I’ve become a better communicator, learned the importance of camaraderie and most importantly, had fun! I’ve made lifelong friends playing rugby and the Chico Oaks program has also allowed me to be able to play at the college level for San Diego State University. I encourage every young athlete, boy or girl, big or small, to play rugby because it’s truly the greatest game on Earth and will create lifelong memories.” – Matt Whitley