Stanford vs. Chico State SATURDAY MARCH 3RD!


  • 1:30pm B.A. Baracus vs. Chico Mighty Oaks


  • 11:30am – Piedmont vs. Chico Wild Oaks Girls High School
  • 1:00pm – Stanford Women vs. Chico State Women
  • 2:30pm – Stanford Men vs. Chico State Men “A”
  • 4:00 pm –  Stanford Men vs. Chico State Men “B”
  • 6:00pm – Chico State Women’s Fan Appreciation dinner


Chico State vs. Santa Clara Game Recap:

Chico State won 43-42  and The Killer B’s won 50-19

Try scorers for us were Karl Schmeigel, Scott Luis, Jim Beahm, Mike Morello, Tyler Poland, Michael Deel and the final and what turned out to be the winning score, was rookie forward Jimmy Burrows. Michael Keane was 4 of 7 on conversions and that was the difference on the day!

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