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2015 Chico Rugby Alumni Weekend

Save the date for the annual Chico Rugby Alumni weekend. This years date will be October 9 – 11 2015 and is less than 30 days away! Please take a moment to Signup for the 2015 Alumni weekend. Preregistration of $100.00 is good through September 30, 2015. After that registration will be $125.00.

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Wheels, Wine & Ribs – III

Wheels, Wine & Ribs III

In keeping with this month’s Upgraded Living theme of patios, picnics and bike rides, Dr. Anderson and I decided to dedicate our article to an upcoming fundraiser Wheels, Wine & Ribs. This is the third year we have hosted this event and NEW this year we are turning the event into a fundraiser for Chico Youth Rugby and the Chico Rugby Foundation.

Sports were a key part of my childhood. I believe that youth sports helped keep me out of trouble and I learned important lessons about teamwork and self-esteem. With budget cuts in our schools, Chico sports programs have been feeling the squeeze. Youth, middle school and high school rugby is filling that gap. Lately, thanks to the Chico Rugby Foundation and its members, the youth rugby movement has grown with great success. In addition to the Chico Mighty Oaks men’s team and the Chico State men’s and women’s teams, there are now Chico youth rugby teams for kids ages 8 to 18.

To support the growth of youth rugby in Chico, Chico Spine & Wellness (CS&W) along with the Chico Rugby Foundation is putting on a great fundraiser this summer. Join us on June 16th for Wheels, Wine & Ribs III. This family friendly event starts with a leisurely half hour bike ride to 5 Mile recreational area where appetizers will be served. We’ll bike back to CS&W to meet any non-biking attendees at 6 pm and enjoy a fabulous rib & wine dinner with dessert. The ribs are so tender they fall right off the bone!!

Adult tickets are $25 and can be purchased from any rugby player or at CS&W. Adult tickets are only available in advance. Kids meals can be purchased at the event for just $7 each. For more information go to Dr. Anderson and I will see you there!

Chico Oaks Youth Recap 2012

The last thing on my mind twenty-five years ago when I first became active in rugby was that I would have been involved with this sport this long let alone have the passion I do, and more importantly the friendships and relationships this sport creates. THEN, to top that, to have been a founding member of the Chico Oaks Youth Rugby program….!? CRAZY!!!

We had 40 kids registered with the Chico Oaks Youth Rugby program in year one. The kids were always enthusiastic and the parents as well.

For those of you that may not know, the Chico Police Officer’s Association donated $5000.00 to this program and truly made this possible. Please make sure you support this group in their efforts in our community! They are truly a great group of people that have not only donated to the cause, they have also come out to games to show their support!

As for the actual season, with everything new, there is an unusual amount of the unknown….! Lord knows that took us by surprise. There are a number of things that weren’t “perfect” but the way everyone rallied and supported the cause is truly a testament as to what is to come!

The season started with our inaugural home game against Sierra Foothills Rugby Club from Sacramento! Which is ran by one of our own Chico Rugby Alumni, Glenn “Red” Worden! His support was VITAL to our existence! Thanks Red.

We had many high lights which we’ve captured in the weekly write ups. The season came to a close in the driving wind and rain in Danville at the end of the season tournament. The kids and the players really dedicated themselves to this year and I look forward to how this will grow in to the following years!

We were fortunate to have a great coaching staff for the youth team this year. It included Alex Triantafylou, John Fox, Tim Lehor, Aaron Lowe, Ragan Duelfer and Mitch Jagoe. They all put in numerous hours of practice time to help build and the hope is that they all come back next year!? A big thanks to you guys. It wouldn’t have been possible with out you!

If you are reading this, you obviously have a love for the game! If you have children, or live in an area that has youth rugby, please get involved. They need us! The admin, coaches, players and parents need our support.

Stay tuned in the next few months for upcoming clinics and events that will help build Chico Oaks Youth Rugby and the Chico Rugby Foundation as well!