NorCal Rugby Supports our Camp Fire Rugby Families

Lou Stanfill, Executive Director of Rugby NorCal made the trip to Chico to pass on some good fortune to those members of our Chico Oaks Rugby family who lost their homes, and so much more in the devastating Camp Fire in Paradise and Butte County.

Through the generous donations from our extended rugby family, Rugby NorCal partnered with Canterbury of New Zealand, and was able to provide 8 of our youth rugby players with new kit from Canterbury! Their new kit included boots, a new hoodie, jersey, t-shirt, rugby shorts and more. Such an amazing effort on behalf of Lou Stanfill and Christina Gein of Rugby NorCal! Thank you both so much!

To our wide spread rugby family, we can’t thank you enough as well for your generous donations that will allow all these young ruggers to return to the pitch with the proper gear!

Much love and happiness to you all during this holiday season!


RUGBY FOR ALL!  Join us Saturday November, 3rd at PV High School in Chico Ca. This will be our 8th annual free rugby clinic. Boys and Girls all levels of play are welcome. Ages 7yrs – 18ys. Click here for more details and to register to secure you free T-Shirt!!

Chico Secures Spot at Final 4

The Chico State Women’s Rugby Club took on UCSB Saturday afternoon in their first round of the USA Rugby D1/D1 Elite Spring College Playoffs. Winning their first game, Chico has secured a place in a Final Four game in Fullerton, California.

Three minutes after kickoff, Inside Center Hannah Westfall scored her first try of the match, setting Chico’s pace for the rest of the match. Playing with an aggressive pace, pushing back against UCSB’s defense, Chico showed their worth on the pitch against some of the top schools in the nation.

Flanker Karla Santiaguillo brought the second try of the half, followed by Westfall with her second try of the match. Fullback Darby McFall, and Outside Center Stefani Bergerhouse would also score twice before the half was over. UCSB would put five points of their own on the board before the half time whistle blew.

Starting at half with a 47-5 score, UCSB would score their final try of the match off their #7, followed closely with a try by Lock Jennifer Brissenden. Winger Ashley Evans would score closer to the end of the half off her first break away, building Chico’s confidence for the last quarter of the match.

Prop Rebecca Kilmartin would score shortly before Bergerhouse, who took her fourth and final try of the match, securing a 74-10 win for the Wildcats. After taking a win in their rounds of 16, Chico has secured a final four match in Fullerton.

Chico will play on Sunday, April 22nd against Lindenwood University to decide whether Chico competes in the D1 or D1 Elite Final four with a shot at a championship match. Come show your support at Steuber Stadium at Stanford University at 3 p.m.


History Repeats in Stanford

In their last league match, Chico State Women’s Rugby shutout Stanford, 55-0, officially winning their league with an 8-0 undefeated season.

The Chico State Women’s Rugby Club took on Stanford in their last league match on Saturday, March 3rd. With a 55-0 shutout at Stanford’s home pitch, the Chico women were more than ecstatic, as players rushed the pitch as the final whistle blew.

Within a minute of the match beginning, Fullback Darby McFall scored her first try of the match. With a solid defensive line, and active pressure against stanfords forward pack, Chico brought home three more tries during the first half. One scored by Inside Centre Hannah Westfall, and two scored by Outside Centre Stefani Bergerhouse. Ending the first half at 24-0, with two conversions missed, Chico’s confidence was high.

Bergerhouse would score shortly after Westfall, at the start of the second half, as both McFall and Westfall would go on to score twice during the half, giving the trio each a hat trick. Chico State finally accomplished their goal of a shutout, as t

hey rounded out the match 55-0. Winning their league undefeated, Chico remains first in the nation, and will continue play into the postseason.

“The last time we had an undefeated season was in 2001” said Coach Mary Triantafyllo

u, as her team gathered around her. Teary-eyed players grabbed a hold of each other as they reviewed their last league game, talking about what the postseason may hold for them. Chico State is on a road to a national championship, going undefeated like the national

championship team from 2001.

Chico has played an aggressive, high paced game this past season, and their results truly show how hard they’ve worked. Winning an undefeated season is no small feat, as the team can attest to. From morning conditionings to late night practices, this team has worked tirelessly to get to where they are, adding to the story of their jersey, and building up the legacy of the Chico State Women’s Rugby Club.

Chico State Earns a Day Off

Chico State Women’s Rugby won over CSU Humboldt, 72-5, at the end of their double header on Sunday, February 25th.

Coming into the end of their double header, tired, and bruised, the Chico State Women’s Rugby Club brought home two wins on their home pitch. Ending their game against reigning national champions, UC Davis, 33-10, Chico still had to look forward to their game with CSU Humboldt.

Four minutes in, outside centre Stefani Bergerhouse scored the first try of the match, marking that the first of the three should score for Chico altogether. Fullback Darby McFall would score shortly after, scoring a conversion along with it.

This half would see McFall and Bergerhouse both scoring once more, along with lock Jennifer Brissenden, prop Andrea Velazquez, and wing Alyssa Pena. Humboldt would score once with five minutes left on the clock, bringing the score at half to 41-5

During the second half, McFall would score twice more, making a total of four tries scored. Bergerhouse would also score again, bringing in a hat trick. Inside Centre Ashley Evans would score her first try of the season this game, and would score again shortly after bringing the score to 72-5 full time.

While Evans made the last try of the match, she did so in rather precarious circumstances. Losing one boot in a ruck, she would recover the ball before launching into the try zone.

“I didn’t know what I should do, like should I keep going?” she said, laughing after the game. While the team on the sides had laughed about the lost boot once it happened, it quickly changed to a roar of support as she scored the game winning try.

After all the hard work and conditioning the team did to prepare for their double header, the team has been awarded a day off by their coaches, Mary and Alex Triantafyllou. After such a long weekend, this team really deserves it. This was the Chico girls last home match, and their seventh game won, in their undefeated streak.

Chico will prepare this week to play in Stanford on Saturday, March 3rd. While they still have one more team to face in the regular season, Chico pulled through this weekend looking towards their next match.

Have You Ever Seen a Wildcat Outrun an Aggie?

Chico State Women’s rugby won over UC Davis on Saturday, February 24th, 33-10, marking Chico’s 6th undefeated game of the season

Playing on their home field, Chico defeated Davis for second time this season, at the start of their double header. Starting strong, flanker Karla Santiaguillo scored the first try of the match, raising the team’s confidence as they faced the defending national champions.

As the match progressed, Chico took the game forward with a penalty kick before Davis scored their first try of the match. Fullback Darby McFall would score another penalty kick before the half, after lock Jennifer Brissenden brought Chico their second try of the match. Chico would receive a yellow during this half, as prop Rebecca Kilmartin was sent to the sin bin.

With the score at 20-5 at half, Chico wing Alyssa Pena scored off a break away, . Kilmartin would score after, and McFall would score before Davis made their last try of the match. Missing both of their conversions, the Aggies would only manage 10 points this match, while Chico pulled ahead with 33, having missed two conversions in the second half.

With a win under their belt, at 33-10 full time, Chico will advance into their next game on Sunday, February 25th, undefeated. Chico will play CSU Humboldt next, hoping to bring another win home for their last home game of the season.

Chico State beats UC Berkeley 50-7

Chico State Women’s Rugby won 50-7 on Sunday, February 18th, taking their fifth win of the season.

Chico State played UC Berkeley during Berkeley’s double header, Sunday, February 18th, taking another win at 50-7. This is Chico’s fifth win of the season, as chico begins to play each team in their league a second time.

With a harsh wind facing them, Full Back Darby McFall scored three points off a penalty kick at the start of the match. Morelia Ayala scored shortly after McFall, giving the girls a solid lead, as first year Prop Rebecca Kilmartin scored a double, with two tries during the first half. Chico played with a killer pace, and lead the match with 36 points at the half.

Cal scored during the second half, after Mcfall’s third try,  bringing the score to 43-7. Shortly after, Wing,  Alyssa Pena, scored the last try of the match, rounding out the Wildcats to an even 50 points at the end of the match.

Chico will host their own double header starting the weekend of Saturday, February 24th, starting with their second game against Davis this season. After Davis, Chico will play Humboldt on Sunday, February 25th. Both games will be played at home, at the Chico State Rugby Pitch on campus, with an 11 a.m. kickoff for both matches.

Wildcats cut down Lumberjacks 74-7

Chico State Women’s Rugby won 74 to 7 on Saturday, February 10th, over Humboldt State, advancing further into the start of the season undefeated.

Chico State is adding another game to their winning streak with their latest match against CSU, Humboldt. The team won with a total of 12 tries scored over Humboldt, giving them their fourth win of the season on Saturday.

In a spectacular show of Chico rugby, senior fullback Darby McFall scored the first try within minutes of the start of the match. Chico scored another seven tries within the first half, missing three conversions. With the score at 50-0 at half, Humboldt scored off a quick tap, throwing off their opposing team with an unexpected change of pace.

Undeterred, sophomore centre Hannah Westfall brought the game back up, scoring shortly after Humboldt, making her third try of the game. Westfall was not the only player to see multiple tries this game, as Mcfall, and sophomore lock, Jennifer Brissenden, both went on to score twice this match, adding to the final score of 74-7.

Chico has successfully played and won against every team in their league so far, topping their previous highest scoring match against UC Berkley, at 65-7. Chico will play Berkley again in their next match, Sunday, February 18th, in Berkley’s double header.

Community Clean Up! Rugby families and ruggers get down and dirty once again!

On Saturday, the Chico Rugby Foundation, consisting of families and ruggers from Chico Oaks Youth, Chico State Women and Chico Mighty Oaks Rugby Clubs spent the day with the City of Chico’s Parks Division Crew completing a major clean up project at Teichert Ponds near Kohl’s. With over 60 volunteers we were able to remove a large area of overgrown black berry brush as well as a large olive tree, which was all being used as cover for multiple homeless camps. The foundation is proud of the work we do in the community and is looking forward to the next time. If you or your group has any opportunities please feel free to reach out to us.